Why Sharpen?

Stop using dull chains! Dull chains cut slow, create heat, burn fuel, and waste chain oil! Not to mention the extra strain on both you and the saw. This is when most accidents occur.

Professional Results

Sharpens every tooth to the same height, length, and angle. Even professionals recognize the value of this tool.

Built to Last

All components used have been designed to hold up against the harshest conditions. Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and tungsten carbide are utilized to resist corrosion and prevent rust.


Welcome to Timberline’s Testing Ground

“I have purchased and used your sharpener and Oh My Gosh!!! I liked the ease of set up and then the results I got were fantastic. My well used chains cut through wood like butter. I would recommend this to anyone. Out in the field one good sharpening means less down time to hand file or touch up.”
- Bob Beck Bellevue, Ohio

“I received your chainsaw sharpener about 2 months or so ago. Used it several times. Just wanted to let you know it is great. Easy to use and does the trick every time. Thanks for making this tool available.

Larry Yarger
Cotopaxi, CO”

“I had failed to sharpen 2 chains by hand and my local saw dealer had had a go with one and said that I should just buy new chains. I was about throw them away. However your tool and myself on my maiden voyage last night in about 15 min (in front of the telly) had both chains cutting like or if not better than when they were new. I'm speechless absolutely amazing. I just wish I had bought one years ago! It has made my life much easier and no doubt in my mind what so ever saved me money on chains and fuel, not to mention the all important my TIME. Many many thanks.
Dan James
Herefordshire, UK
United Kingdom”

“The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is by far the best hand sharpening tool I have ever used. I cut a lot of firewood each year. The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener is a bit time consuming but the reward of a super sharp chain makes of for the time spent when cutting wood. My chainsaw cuts through wood like it was a bran new chain each time i need to sharpen them. I found that I need to sharpen my chains less often. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. I can say that you stand by your product cause it works!

Tim Heltsley
Projects,Permits and Records
Office of Facilities Services
Prince William County Schools”

“Your product is well designed and functions as advertised. I'm a commercial wood cutter, Now, I can keep the chainsaw razor sharp in the field. [Better than what I can do with a file.]Thus, reduces wear and tear on the saw and bar. Also, There is less material removed per sharpening. This will extend the life of the chain. Another advantage is there is not a failure prone electric motor involved. This is a great because, I work and live off the grid. Now, I do not have to use My electrical generation plant to sharpen the saws with bench sharpener.
Thank You,
Gator wood,
Concho, AZ”

“Very happy with it - saw now cuts like a dream!! Best sharpener ever.
David Sinclair”

“I bought a sharpener 2 years ago. This is my second season to use it. Works very well. Sharpening my chain now is a simple task. This has saved the expense of having to buy new chains more often because of poor sharpening by hand. I touch up chain after about every 5 trees I cut. Highly recommend this product to anyone.”
- Kennon N.

“I have just sharpened five used chains (previously hand sharpened by file) and was very impressed! I was pleased with my hand sharpening angles, too, the sharpener didn’t have to change them very much at all. After 10 or 15 minutes getting used to the sharpener, it didn’t take as long as I thought it might, doing one side at a time and then the second side turned out to be very efficient – not a lot longer than using my grinding machine but the Timberline sharpener keeps the cutters in a much better cutting geometry. The sharpener is very well made, quite a precision “piece of kit” – as we say over here. I may not use it on my grinder-sharpened chains – I’ll just use them up using the gringing machine but then I think it will be Timberline all the way for new chains – it removes a lot less metal!!”
- Keith Ryan- Plymouth, UK

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A good chain can become useless in seconds. Dirt, rocks, nails or other foreign objects in trees reap havoc on sharp edges. Chains are designed to be sharpened and not replaced when dulled. Sharp chainsaws should self-feed pulling themselves into the wood. Dull chains will bounce off wood and overheat. Forcing a saw to cut with a dull chain is a mistake and the cause of many accidents. This also puts extra strain on the saw as well while wasting fuel and chain oil.

Please read about our chainsaw sharpener