Why Sharpen?

Stop using dull chains! Dull chains cut slow, create heat, burn fuel, and waste chain oil! Not to mention the extra strain on both you and the saw. This is when most accidents occur.

Professional Results

Sharpens every tooth to the same height, length, and angle. Even professionals recognize the value of this tool.

Built to Last

All components used have been designed to hold up against the harshest conditions. Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, and tungsten carbide are utilized to resist corrosion and prevent rust.


Welcome to Timberline’s Testing Ground

“Being a firefighter, we trust our tools with our lives. We keep all of our equipment in pristine condition, and that takes a lot of time and effort. The Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener has been a real time-saver when it comes to keeping our chainsaws sharp and ready to handle anything. I'd recommend the Timberline Chainsaw Sharpener to anyone who owns a chainsaw.”
- Mark, Firefighter, Park City

“I know how to use a file to sharpen a saw, but this makes it so much easier and more exact than freehand.”
- Talon- Utah Wildlands Firefighter

“I've been hot shot for many years in Idaho and have seen all kinds of stuff to sharpen your chain, but nothing like this. Fighting fires is hard work and when you're packing gear with smoke in you eyes, hands trembling, under pressure, forget about using a file. This is so much easier!”
- Edwin- Twin Falls, ID

“I just received my Timberline chain sharpener in the mail. I was impressed as soon as I unpacked the tool, well made, nicely finished. As a machinist I appreciate the way this tool is machined from an extrusion. When I came to use the tool I was further impressed, the accuracy is way better than I can manage with other methods at my disposal and it soon showed up the inaccuracy of my hand filing. I'll be using this tool to resurrect old chains I'd almost given up on. It makes short work of even hard teeth which would blunt a saw file in a couple of strokes.
Thought I'd let you know, I'll be passing on my recommendations to buy one to my firewood cutting buddies.

Regards and thanks for making a fine product,”
- Alan Suttie- Fruitvale BC Canada

“Your product is fantastic. The majority of my cutting is mill work using an alaskan mill attachment on logs in excess of 24 inches. Typically, I might only get a few cuts in before sharpening is required and the hand file was never sufficient to get the chain as sharp as it needed to be. That will no longer be a problem. I'm a big believer in your product. I've run the numbers and at $8 to have a chain sharpened, the Timberline will pay for itself very quickly, and that says nothing about the increase in productivity I'll have cutting with perfectly sharpened chains.”
- Gabe Asheville, North Carolina

“My old XL925 could barely burn it's way thru a 6" branch, when I got it back from the shop. I parked it and ordered the sharpener. Now it rips thru the 20" main trunk.”
- Charles- Trimont, MN

“I got your sharpener in the mail today. GREAT job! This thing works so well. Just plain IMPRESSIVE! My chains are sharper than when I bought them. Not to mention this thing is so easy to use and precise. Everybody who owns a chainsaw needs one of these. I hope you and your business do well. May you sell one of these to everyone who owns a chain saw. Thank you again.”
- Terry- Callaway, VA

“I managed to get up to the wood last weekend and try out my sharpened chain .. in short I am delighted! It actually cuts better than it did when it was new!

I'm very impressed with the sharpener and would certainly have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone.

Many thanks”
- Mike Rickards- North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

“What an impressive product! Well designed and built, simple to follow instructions, quick and easy to use and sharpening results that are as good as, if not better, than any saw shop! The first time I used it and tried the results, I knew that I now had the best sharpener for my money. High end grinders at 3 times the price won't get better results in my opinion. The convenience of the portability alone make this sharpener a bargain, the results are a bonus! I will never hand file or use a filing jig again. This is so much more accurate and easier! Thank you for making this great product.”
- Andrew Ludwig Waterford, Ontario Canada

“Just got my sharpener and sharpened my chain all I can say is wow!
Never has it been so easy for me to sharpen a chain.”
- Lance Parisse St. Paris, OH

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A good chain can become useless in seconds. Dirt, rocks, nails or other foreign objects in trees reap havoc on sharp edges. Chains are designed to be sharpened and not replaced when dulled. Sharp chainsaws should self-feed pulling themselves into the wood. Dull chains will bounce off wood and overheat. Forcing a saw to cut with a dull chain is a mistake and the cause of many accidents. This also puts extra strain on the saw as well while wasting fuel and chain oil.

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